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Joe’s Last Post Animals Around the World

Hi, I will be back in London in 3 days 🙂

To celebrate I will be doing a list of where I went and the animals I saw over the last 11 months:

1 Hawaii: I saw not a lot of animals but I saw a cut cat purr

2 Japan: are you kidding? We saw awesome cute ducks I told you about last January

3 China: some really cool birds

4 Vietnam: newborn puppies in a truck (to be eaten) 😦

5 Singapore: tons of birds at the Singapore Bird Park and animals at the Night Safari (remember?)

Singapore Bird Park
Singapore Bird Park

6 Myanmar: a big ox that I got to pet and feed for sure

Ox in Myanmar
Ox in Myanmar

7 India: Indian elephant (when you ride on the top of them it looks like a butt)

Indian elephant
Indian elephant

8 Mauritius: a cool fish (it had a spike-like thing)

9 South Africa: giraffe you know, the thing with a blue tongue and a long neck

South African giraffe and her baby
South African giraffe and her baby

10 Namibia: big strong seals, and also small, helpless baby seals

Namibian Seals
Namibian Seals

11 Morocco: tamed monkeys with clothes on and tamed snakes

Dancing snake, Morocco
Dancing snake, Morocco

12 London: the Canadian goose and Mallard ducks (end of the ship trip)

13 Greece: cats

14 Rome: cats

15 Siena: cats

16 Cinqe Terre: cats



17 Venice: no cats

18 Austria: no kangaroo (get it…Austria/Australia…)

19 Germany: the tender wild beer

20 Langais, France: Oscar the rescued dog (is that a show?)

Shaun and Patrick's dog Oscar
Shaun and Patrick’s dog Oscar

21 Brittany: cool dog that had small eyes, and claws on its legs (French Shepard)

23 Normandy: 3 cats; one fat white cat, one regular white cat, and a black baby cat

Normandy cat
Normandy cat

24 Paris: a nice, pretty, lost white cat

25 Bruges: swans (that cute white thing with long wings)

One of many Bruge swans
One of many Bruge swans

26 Amsterdam well… we only saw 2 animals so, magpies. So this the last time rattling on about the adventure, because when I wrote this I was coming home to Canada (Toronto).

Good bye!

Our Room in Fussen

We are in Fussen, Germany. Our room is a good room.

Chillin' in the living room!
Chillin’ in the living room!

We have great bird sounds, a cool balcony chandelier plus a neat balcony, kitchen, and sofa ben, a big bed, a radio TV, nice paintings.

P1070932 P1070934

This is a little town with hills all over, good pizza nearby and two castles nearby. And don’t forget that a cool fair is nearby with a luge slide like on the Great Wall of China: super cool.

Luge baby!
Luge baby!

There are also fake cars where you put money in so it goes, right? No, not any more. All you have to do is to put one foot on the car and use the other for pushing and a hand for steering. If you wanted to buy it, it would only be…


1,000,000 dollars!

Joe on Rome

We were in Rome. We got into Rome by airplane. This was a good flight because a dog sat in front of us at the airport. We were picked up by Vlad. When we were in the car with him (try saying that 10 times fast) I thought a lot of big history making people have the name Vlad, like Vladimir Putin or Vlad the impaler (very similar). So on the way to the hotel I saw the coliseum. Now this is not just any coliseum it is THE COLISEUM. And a very funny note: my bed in the hotel could be moved with me on it.

Living history in Rome!

Now my over lords, or parents for short, want me to type on some more things on this mac so I will talk about THE MEAN DAY OF WALKING BOM BOOM BOOOM…   So on that day we went to the coliseum but then we saw the line so we went to a ticket booth of another place but then we found out that the tickets covered the coliseum so we went in and found out it is a museum. But I did see things from Pompeii and other things from 5th century BC.

Joe’s London

We were in London. Now before I get started this is not London, Ontario this is London, England. And we are no longer on the ship we are now going through Europe alone.

I own London!
I own London!

On the first day we went looking for our hotel and on the way we saw a poster for Wicked the musical so we went in to get tickets. We then went out trying to find a place to eat; we then found a place called “I do not remember.” But I do remember the steak burger it had a big piece of steak then put a bun on it. Then we went to see Wicked. I have a question: if you defy gravity will you be popular? (P.S. Defying Gravity and Popular are both songs in it).

The next day I will never forget ever so we were going to the Tower of London and I saw Big Ben.

Big Ben - can you see Mater?
Big Ben – can you see Mater?

When we got to the tower we had to wait because we wanted to go on a tour so we went to the book store and I looked at a book called underground London. It talked about how London had a lot of crime in the past. Did you know that Hitler’s secondhand man was a prisoner in there? And big thing I saw were the Crown Jewels and a Beefeater.

A beefeater guarding the Crown Jewels.
A beefeater guarding the Crown Jewels.

Morocco by Joe

We were in Morocco. The first day we went on a city tour of Casablanca. We first went to a mosque (Hassan II) that had a tower bigger than Big Ben, just put a clock in it. When we went into it… it was BIG, like big people made it and we were ants to them.

The following day I do not remember much, except for this: We went to Marrakesh and ate in a cool restaurant; the food was good. We went through a market to a really cool school and heard the call to prayer. There is a picture of it below. We also went to a square called The Big Square.

The next day we got up early to go to Meknes. Afterwards, we went to a Roman city. On the way there our guide told us we might see paintings of Roman gods, he said gods like Zeus. Zeus is Greek. It was so cool because the vines crawling up the bricks of some of the homes were HUGE, and then I saw it. I saw COOLNESS (cool thing below).

We then went to a good hotel with great WI-FI so I was able to get some games; then we went back to the ship. And by the way, it is just 67 days till we come back.

p.s. We saw a LOT of catsJJ.

Joe’s take on South Africa

We were in South Africa. First we went on a city orientation tour. We went to the top of Table Mountain (it’s kind of like a table). We saw a dassie; it’s a brown, small, cute, little, fluffy thing. It’s so cute that Jack started repeating the saying, “sniff, scurry, flinch.” Then we went to a castle with a torture chamber and learned how they hurt people so they would plead guilty.

The next day we went on a long road trip to Botlierskop. When we got there we had a really good lunch. We then went to our tents. Now it is not what you think of as a tent; it has sliding doors, a mini bar, cool beds and an outside shower.

We then went on a game drive where we saw elephants, giraffes, rhinos and springbok (a deer looking antelope). After that we went to a zip-lining place. It was awesome. The first lines are for beginners. Then they got longer and longer, the bigger the better. On some of the lines you did not have to hold on. After we went back to the ship we met our driver and went to Boulder Beach (a place with penguins). 25 years ago there were only two pairs of penguins at Boulder Beach and today there are over 3000.

Joe’s Madagascar and Mauritius


After dinner on the second day after we left Mauritius we went to the seventh deck to see the sun set. And when we got there, we saw Madagascar. Of course, we were too far away to see a lion, zebra, hippo and giraffe. Did you know that right before the sun sets it turns green? It’s called the green flash.


We were in Mauritius. First we went to a mountain with a very nice view; then we drove in a bus with no air-conditioning to a very big statue of Shiva. Next we went to a Hindu temple that had a pond you could wade into with a lot of fish 🙂

Then we went to a place that had a very big water fall; next we went to a place with seven colours of earth plus five VERY big turtles. Then we went to an awesome beach. I saw a sea cumber, a sea star, and eight fish, and I got to touch a tiger shark’s jaws (third deadliest) and a bull shark’s jaws (deadliest) 🙂 Then we went back to the ship.

Joe on India

We were in India. The first day we did nothing at all just ate, slept, and played computer games. The next day we got off the ship – finally! When we got out of the gate we were attacked by taxi and tuk tuk drivers; it went something like this: “get in’’, “NO GET IN…’’, “GET IN MY IN MY BELLY” (Editor’s note: Joe is channelling Austin Powers – they didn’t really say that).

Then our driver came. Then we drove through an island made by people. We were driving on the island, and all of a sudden, we went to the other side with a truck coming at us full speed. My life flashed before my eyes… We then went to the country side. We then went to a hotel with a TV channel called animax. Now, if you like anime, you are going to LOVE this channel… It is all anime. The commercials are anime, but the shows are in Japanese. Warning! Do not eat the Chocos. They have bugs in them :(. The next day we went to a resort called the Elephant Court, and on the way there, we went ELEPHANT RIDING. When we got to the hotel, all we did is WI­­­-FI. I only looked up five nights at Freddy’s 3 (by the way the demo is out), which introduces Spring Trap, that is really it.

Joe’s Myanmar

We were in Myanmar and the first thing we did was go to a bean factory [the odd thing was we weren’t going to do it but they insisted]. There I saw the thinnest cat ever and a cat in a tree 🙂 then we ate lunch 😦

Next, two temples, and then we went to a temple were you go to the top and look out in to the horizon; it’s cool. Next we went to dinner 🙂 Then we went to a white temple to see the sunset. Then we went to an awesome hotel. The next day we went to two cool temples. We also went to a village and there I got to pet a cow.


Next we went to the hotel and waited and waited then we went to a Buddhist run school and I played a lot of throwing games with the kids there.