Joe’s take on South Africa

We were in South Africa. First we went on a city orientation tour. We went to the top of Table Mountain (it’s kind of like a table). We saw a dassie; it’s a brown, small, cute, little, fluffy thing. It’s so cute that Jack started repeating the saying, “sniff, scurry, flinch.” Then we went to a castle with a torture chamber and learned how they hurt people so they would plead guilty.

The next day we went on a long road trip to Botlierskop. When we got there we had a really good lunch. We then went to our tents. Now it is not what you think of as a tent; it has sliding doors, a mini bar, cool beds and an outside shower.

We then went on a game drive where we saw elephants, giraffes, rhinos and springbok (a deer looking antelope). After that we went to a zip-lining place. It was awesome. The first lines are for beginners. Then they got longer and longer, the bigger the better. On some of the lines you did not have to hold on. After we went back to the ship we met our driver and went to Boulder Beach (a place with penguins). 25 years ago there were only two pairs of penguins at Boulder Beach and today there are over 3000.

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