Joe’s London

We were in London. Now before I get started this is not London, Ontario this is London, England. And we are no longer on the ship we are now going through Europe alone.

I own London!
I own London!

On the first day we went looking for our hotel and on the way we saw a poster for Wicked the musical so we went in to get tickets. We then went out trying to find a place to eat; we then found a place called “I do not remember.” But I do remember the steak burger it had a big piece of steak then put a bun on it. Then we went to see Wicked. I have a question: if you defy gravity will you be popular? (P.S. Defying Gravity and Popular are both songs in it).

The next day I will never forget ever so we were going to the Tower of London and I saw Big Ben.

Big Ben - can you see Mater?
Big Ben – can you see Mater?

When we got to the tower we had to wait because we wanted to go on a tour so we went to the book store and I looked at a book called underground London. It talked about how London had a lot of crime in the past. Did you know that Hitler’s secondhand man was a prisoner in there? And big thing I saw were the Crown Jewels and a Beefeater.

A beefeater guarding the Crown Jewels.
A beefeater guarding the Crown Jewels.

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