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Joe’s Madagascar and Mauritius


After dinner on the second day after we left Mauritius we went to the seventh deck to see the sun set. And when we got there, we saw Madagascar. Of course, we were too far away to see a lion, zebra, hippo and giraffe. Did you know that right before the sun sets it turns green? It’s called the green flash.


We were in Mauritius. First we went to a mountain with a very nice view; then we drove in a bus with no air-conditioning to a very big statue of Shiva. Next we went to a Hindu temple that had a pond you could wade into with a lot of fish 🙂

Then we went to a place that had a very big water fall; next we went to a place with seven colours of earth plus five VERY big turtles. Then we went to an awesome beach. I saw a sea cumber, a sea star, and eight fish, and I got to touch a tiger shark’s jaws (third deadliest) and a bull shark’s jaws (deadliest) 🙂 Then we went back to the ship.

Jack’s take on Mauritius

We are now sailing to South Africa so I thought it would be an opportune time to tell you about Mauritius. When we first got to Mauritius it was very pretty (it was for the rest of the day too). After immigration and meeting with our field program we got off the ship (surprise). Mauritius is the African Hawaii. We met our German guide and were off for the day. Oh, and a quick note here, there was no air conditioning in the bus for most of the day. First we went to the rich neighborhood. Our guide, I kid you not, said this “most Muslims are drug dealers that’s why they are rich”.

So we went to the top of the hill to see the amazing view of Port Louis. Next we went to a temple were you could walk in the water with holy fish. Then to a hill with an amazing view of water falls and forests. Pause for a second here. I am going to tell you how warm we were inside that hell bus. It was cooler outside, in tropical weather, than it was inside that stinky bus. But then, what could this be, lunch with the most powerful fans in the world. Yes, Yes finally.

Then we went to a beautiful beach with skinny dipping students. Then we got back on the bus, but wait there is more, the air conditioning is fixed. Just in time for the wet people to freeze. Then we got on the ship and it was BBQ night!