Joe on India

We were in India. The first day we did nothing at all just ate, slept, and played computer games. The next day we got off the ship – finally! When we got out of the gate we were attacked by taxi and tuk tuk drivers; it went something like this: “get in’’, “NO GET IN…’’, “GET IN MY IN MY BELLY” (Editor’s note: Joe is channelling Austin Powers – they didn’t really say that).

Then our driver came. Then we drove through an island made by people. We were driving on the island, and all of a sudden, we went to the other side with a truck coming at us full speed. My life flashed before my eyes… We then went to the country side. We then went to a hotel with a TV channel called animax. Now, if you like anime, you are going to LOVE this channel… It is all anime. The commercials are anime, but the shows are in Japanese. Warning! Do not eat the Chocos. They have bugs in them :(. The next day we went to a resort called the Elephant Court, and on the way there, we went ELEPHANT RIDING. When we got to the hotel, all we did is WI­­­-FI. I only looked up five nights at Freddy’s 3 (by the way the demo is out), which introduces Spring Trap, that is really it.

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