Morocco by Joe

We were in Morocco. The first day we went on a city tour of Casablanca. We first went to a mosque (Hassan II) that had a tower bigger than Big Ben, just put a clock in it. When we went into it… it was BIG, like big people made it and we were ants to them.

The following day I do not remember much, except for this: We went to Marrakesh and ate in a cool restaurant; the food was good. We went through a market to a really cool school and heard the call to prayer. There is a picture of it below. We also went to a square called The Big Square.

The next day we got up early to go to Meknes. Afterwards, we went to a Roman city. On the way there our guide told us we might see paintings of Roman gods, he said gods like Zeus. Zeus is Greek. It was so cool because the vines crawling up the bricks of some of the homes were HUGE, and then I saw it. I saw COOLNESS (cool thing below).

We then went to a good hotel with great WI-FI so I was able to get some games; then we went back to the ship. And by the way, it is just 67 days till we come back.

p.s. We saw a LOT of catsJJ.

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