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Our Room in Fussen

We are in Fussen, Germany. Our room is a good room.

Chillin' in the living room!
Chillin’ in the living room!

We have great bird sounds, a cool balcony chandelier plus a neat balcony, kitchen, and sofa ben, a big bed, a radio TV, nice paintings.

P1070932 P1070934

This is a little town with hills all over, good pizza nearby and two castles nearby. And don’t forget that a cool fair is nearby with a luge slide like on the Great Wall of China: super cool.

Luge baby!
Luge baby!

There are also fake cars where you put money in so it goes, right? No, not any more. All you have to do is to put one foot on the car and use the other for pushing and a hand for steering. If you wanted to buy it, it would only be…


1,000,000 dollars!