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Joe’s Singapore

A fishing cat in the Night Safari
A fishing cat in the Night Safari

We were in Singapore, the 4th richest country in the WORLD, and it was cool. First we went to a bird park. We saw penguins getting fed, and I thought to myself, it must be really cool to have that job. Next we saw a bird show; in the middle of it a guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to be in the show. So I said yes. He put food in my hand. Suddenly 2 cockatoo’s came out of a nest and landed on my arms. So 2 thoughts came into my head.


That evening we went to a night safari; we saw a lions, tigers, and bears. Oh My! My favorite animal I saw was a fishing cat [it is a little cat, but the cool thing is it has webbed feet 🙂 ].

Joe’s Viet Nam


We were in Viet Nam. First we went to a museum about Viet Nam’s history of war. Next we went to the palace where the French lived when they had power over Viet Nam. Then we went to a church; it was pretty. The next day we went to the Temple of Literature: it was the first school for a long time. Then we went to the Hanoi Hilton prison; it was terrifying. PRISONERS COULD NOT SPEAK. FOR SOME THIS WAS NINE AND A HALF YEARS. NINE AND A HALF! [the evil French] We then went to a very bad hotel; it had hair in the bath, but the worst thing of all is they lied about having HBO.

The next day we went on a boat [it was not the MV Explorer]. We went to a cool island that looked like Berk. On the island we went up 200 steps into a cave, but it had lights and a fountain. We also saw A FOSSIL OF A FISH.

We then went to see a water puppet show with cats, men, turtles and AWESOMENESS. The next day we went to a mausoleum and we saw Ho-Chi-Minh’s body and where he lived. Then we went to a flower market: it was nice but really muddy. Then we went to an old town [not too good]. Then we went back to the ship.

[PS five night’s at Freddy’s 3]

Joe’s take on China

We were in China. We went on a trip. First we went to a tea ceremony; it was not good. Then we had a rickshaw ride. We then ate dumplings. The next day we went to Tiananmen Square; it was HUGE. The biggest square ever. Next the Forbidden City where the Emperor lived. Then we went to the Llama Temple [it was not for llamas]. It had a Buddha statue that was 3 times the size of meJ We then went to dinner. Sadly, I had to eat duck 😦 😦 😦 😦

Mao Zedong, the first communist leader of China, and Zhou Enlai, second leader, also ate there.

The GREAT WALL OF CHINA IS AWESOME – THE BEST THING EVER [but it has very steep parts]. We went sledding [not on snow], but you control your speed so, meh. Next we went to an acrobatic show with bikes, hoops, and pure awesomeness. On the last day we went to a pearl market with gun scopes, shirts, bags and brass knuckles 🙂

We also went to the Temple of Heaven, and it was pretty cool.

Joe’s Japan Part 2

We went to a castle; it was tall as EVER. It used to have a mote 1km away which is where the train station is now :). We then went to a Kobe beef place [p.s. Kobe is not ruled by Kobe Bryant]. It was so good plus it was cooked right in front of you 🙂   🙂   :), but do not eat the pistachio ice cream: It is off.

The day before that we stayed at a ryokon hotel. We also ate at a restaurant where you pay at a machine, get a ticket, go to the counter, wait and wait, then eat your food and leave. Now, time travel in to the future: 900 people in one line to get back on board. It took us almost an hour; it was insane, but we got on the ship in time so we didn’t get dock time [dock time is when you don’t get on the ship when you are told to, so you lose 2 hours on land at the next portJ].

Joe’s Japan, Part 1

Our first day in Japan; it WAS AWESOME!

First we went to Chinatown. Yep, we went to Chinatown in Japan. After that we went on a tour to the world’s fastest and 2nd tallest elevator, then we went to Cup Noodle Museum. We made our own cup noodle. I made mine with chicken and pork.

joe in cup noodle
Some of the many forms of Cup Noodles/Ramen

After that we went to a play park in the museum. It had a climbing area to a ball pit, a cool slide that gets you into an oil pot, then a cooling off part, next you go into a cup and finally a fast slide. And if you think about it, that’s how a cup noodle is made.

Joe’s Hawaii

3 days ago we went to Hawaii it WAS AWESOME!

Mom and I went to a black sand beach, a waterfall and a cave. The cave was found when a car went on it and it collapsed and the car fell into it. Rainbow Falls is a nice place; it had a long leaf that I used like a sword to hit a leaf. And we went to a beach that had lava rocks it was AWESOMEJ

Joe’s San Diego

Before we got on the ship (WHICH WE ARE ON), we were in San Diego.


My favourite thing was the zoo;it had panda bearsJ, two 4d theaters, deer, elephants, polar bears, a baby gorilla (“Ceasar home”), and a LOT of other cute animals 🙂  🙂 🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

We went to The Maritime Museum. My favorite ship was The Star of India. It had a naval battle scene, the mark from Assassins Creed Black Flag, and a lot of cool model ships. We also toured The Midway, which is a huge military aircraft carrier 🙂   🙂   😦

Mountain Lion

At the Tucson Desert Museum we saw a mountain lion. At first he didn’t do much, then he left. But not for long. When I looked back he jumped on the glass, so we stayed. Then the lion pounced again, but this time he scared away a girl who was at the glass, which gave me a chance to get next to him. Then he pawed on the glass and left his paw there when I placed my hand on the glass. Then when I put my face to the glass he licked on the glass 🙂

(Editor June’s note – adorable pictures will follow soon!)

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Off the topic of boring Sedona, I would like to talk about an awesome video game this week.


YYYEEESSS it is back!!! Scott is making five nights at Freddy’s 2. This video game comes out in 2015. In this one, there are 11 ANIMATRONICS. The game is pretty hard AND the guy in the middle of the picture, you need to check his jukebox or your mask will not work. If you are wondering what I mean, in this game there are no doors at all. But you have a mask. But the people that look destroyed can put the mask up and get you. But if you flash your light at them they go away. But Dead Bonnie will get you if you have no mask.


Grand Canyon #2

We went back to the Grand Canyon with Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin this time.

Auntie Mary and Uncle Kevin

On this trip we went to Hopi Point and saw THE COLORADO RIVER. We could see the rapids from about three miles away!

The river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

If you are wondering who Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin are, they are very nice people and have a very nice family including Sophie their dog. She is very cute as you see here.

Cute Sophie!

She likes climbing on you if you lie down and will start licking you so much you can barely breathe. It’s AWESOME 🙂 !

Sophie laying on me last summer