Joe’s Last Post Animals Around the World

Hi, I will be back in London in 3 days 🙂

To celebrate I will be doing a list of where I went and the animals I saw over the last 11 months:

1 Hawaii: I saw not a lot of animals but I saw a cut cat purr

2 Japan: are you kidding? We saw awesome cute ducks I told you about last January

3 China: some really cool birds

4 Vietnam: newborn puppies in a truck (to be eaten) 😦

5 Singapore: tons of birds at the Singapore Bird Park and animals at the Night Safari (remember?)

Singapore Bird Park
Singapore Bird Park

6 Myanmar: a big ox that I got to pet and feed for sure

Ox in Myanmar
Ox in Myanmar

7 India: Indian elephant (when you ride on the top of them it looks like a butt)

Indian elephant
Indian elephant

8 Mauritius: a cool fish (it had a spike-like thing)

9 South Africa: giraffe you know, the thing with a blue tongue and a long neck

South African giraffe and her baby
South African giraffe and her baby

10 Namibia: big strong seals, and also small, helpless baby seals

Namibian Seals
Namibian Seals

11 Morocco: tamed monkeys with clothes on and tamed snakes

Dancing snake, Morocco
Dancing snake, Morocco

12 London: the Canadian goose and Mallard ducks (end of the ship trip)

13 Greece: cats

14 Rome: cats

15 Siena: cats

16 Cinqe Terre: cats



17 Venice: no cats

18 Austria: no kangaroo (get it…Austria/Australia…)

19 Germany: the tender wild beer

20 Langais, France: Oscar the rescued dog (is that a show?)

Shaun and Patrick's dog Oscar
Shaun and Patrick’s dog Oscar

21 Brittany: cool dog that had small eyes, and claws on its legs (French Shepard)

23 Normandy: 3 cats; one fat white cat, one regular white cat, and a black baby cat

Normandy cat
Normandy cat

24 Paris: a nice, pretty, lost white cat

25 Bruges: swans (that cute white thing with long wings)

One of many Bruge swans
One of many Bruge swans

26 Amsterdam well… we only saw 2 animals so, magpies. So this the last time rattling on about the adventure, because when I wrote this I was coming home to Canada (Toronto).

Good bye!

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