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Jack’s Myanmar

We are now leaving Myanmar (or Burma). It was one of my favorite ports, if not the best. The first thing we did was explore Yangon (or Rangoon). We went to a market and got the most comfortable pants in the world. These immortal gods take the form of the amazing elephant pants. Do not worry it is not elephant skin!

Then we went to pretty temples and I washed my Buddha (he was starting to smell bad). Next we had a snack and got in a cab to a pretty park and took a shuttle to the ship. Then we took a day of rest on the ship. Then got up at 3:30 am for our flight (yea… no!). We got to Bagan and went to two temples and a smelly bean curd factory.

Then we went to the hotel and took a 2 hour break (this is a nice recurring theme). Next it was another temple, then to a big temple to watch the sunset. Then dinner and a strange non-child oriented puppet show.

The next day we went to more temples and my favorite part: a local village. Then we went to the hotel for free time. Next we went to a school and gave them tooth brushes and a donation. Then went to a lacquer shop that was really pretty. Then an amazing horse sunset ride. The next day we went to a palm juice factory. Then we went to monkey s**t mountain. It was nasty. Then we went to the hotel for free time. Next we drove to the docks for a beautiful sunset boat ride. Then we woke up at 4:30 am to go to the airport and get a police escort to the ship.


The first day we ate breakfast then went off the ship. We decided to go to the bird park, and we stayed there for a long time. The first thing we did was go to the feeding of the penguins. Then we went to this really amazing bird show. Joe and I both volunteered for acts. Joe got two birds to land on him. I got to hold a hoop. Then we went to a bunch of aviaries. Then I rushed back to a pelican show only to get stuck behind a pushy photographer. It was still really neat.

After that we got lunch. Next we walked everywhere with no water. Then we bought ice cream for six dollars a scoop. Then we came back to the boat for a quick dinner and left again for a night safari. It was really fun. I mean – 20 feet away from lions! We also walked a lot there. So the next day Joe was really tired. He and dad stayed around the ship, but mom and I went to the beach.

The beach is located on a different island (Sentosa) owned by a big company that rents it out to bigger companies such as Universal Studios. The admission to the island is usually one dollar, but it was Chinese New Year so it was free. We walked to the island because the tram was a 60 minute wait with smelly people; so that’s a big fat no. The beach was a regular beach with no garbage. It was a very nice walk. Then we took the tram back because there was no wait, and the guard said, “you don’t have to pay, but at the end, maybe”. So we got back and spent 30 dollars at Burger King for two combo meals. Then we got back on the ship and are sailing through pirate land to Burma. Arrrrr.

Good Morning Viet Nam

So we are in Viet Nam. It has been really fun. Here is what we did. The first day we went on a city orientation trip of Ho-Chi-Minh City. First we went to the National Museum of Viet Nam. It was the best. I say this because it’s all about people trying to conquer. Now don’t take that the wrong way. I like this because they had little models of clay men fighting. They also had elephants with cannons on their backs! Then we went back to the boat.

The next day we went with a field program to Hanoi and Ha long Bay. Oh, and it is almost Tet which happens to be their biggest holiday, so we got up at 3:30 am to go to the airport. Then when we got to Hanoi we went straight to the Temple of Literature. Next we went to the Hanoi Hilton prison. Then we drove to Ha long Bay, checked into a nasty hotel (bad tour operator; bad), and the next morning we took a boat ride.

The boat ride had the best food of the trip and the prettiest sights (you will see in the pictures). Then we went back to Hanoi. We went to dinner and an eye appealing water puppet show (my mom told me to be more descriptive). Then we stayed at a really nice hotel (I mean the polar opposite from the last one). Then we went to the old town and got pho and French bread sandwiches. Then we went to a nasty flower market and an old village. Then to the airport to wait and wait. Oh and guess what’s next? — More waiting. Then we boarded after a gate change and a 25 minute delay. A VIP plane had to take off before us. Ok, so we made it back to Ho-Chi-Minh City. Now Joe and I are sitting in a dark room writing our blogs. Please help! We are locked in and getting bitten by rabbits and ligers (lion/tiger)…………. Oh God! They got Joe; he’s gone; it’s all over; tell my story………………

Jack’s China

Our first day in The People’s Republic of China we docked in Shanghai and explored the city. We went to a cool garden and got some dumplings. Then we went to a really big garden and got DQ (I’m starting to like gardens).

The next day we hopped on a bus to the airport for a field program in Beijing. It was really cool; they had Just for Laughs Gags playing on the plane. When we landed we met our tour guide. We went to a tea ceremony. We sampled really good tea, but it was very expensive, so we didn’t buy any. Then we took a rickshaw ride to an old house for a dumpling-making class and dinner.

Then we went to the hotel. It was so cool because they had CNN, HBO and Discovery in English. Can you tell that I haven’t seen English TV in a while? The next day we went to Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City. Next we went to the Llama temple (I am the Dalai Llama). Also our tour guide gave us headsets so we could hear her all the time. It was really cool. Lastly we went to a really awesome acrobatic show.

The next day we went to the Great Wall. It was the most exciting thing we have done so far. Then the tour went to a really fancy place for dinner. There were only expensive sports cars outside. It was the best food we had in China. Next we went to the Temple of Heaven. Everyone who ever conquered China took pictures in front of it (I find that hilarious). Then we flew to Hong Kong on the shadiest plane in the world; my armrest almost broke off when I applied no force to it. And the wing nearest me seemed to be wobbling up and down…

The last day we wandered around the Hong Kong and went to an awesome aviary. A bird almost jumped on Dad. Now we are sailing to Vietnam.

Jack’s Japan Part 2

Our first day in Kobe we left for Kyoto. It could have gone better. Don’t get me wrong everything was amazing. The problem was that we were cold the whole time. The first day wasn’t too bad, but we were still cold. We went to this really cool movie studio. They film a lot of samurai movies and power ranger type shows. It was really fun. They had a museum for power rangers. They had this ninja show that was loosely based on Star Wars. Then we went to a bamboo forest.

The next day was worse (weather wise). I woke up with a headache and it was colder and raining. We went to two temples. One was still in repair from the earthquake. The other was really beautiful. It had multiple temples, but the main hall (which is what we went there for) was in repair. Then I got headache medicine and felt a lot better. Then Dad went to a really cool sushi place for lunch. Joe, Mom and I went to McDonalds (woohooooo). Then we went back to the ship and went to bed. On our last day in Japan, Mom was leading a field lab, so Dad took use exploring. We went to Himeji Castle. It was really cool; we took an English tour. The guide was awesome. He liked to compare the defence methods of European Castles to Japanese Castles. Then we came back and ate some Kobe Beef. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next stop China.


We sailed under this bridge at the entrance to Port of Yokohama

Two days ago we docked in Yokohama, Japan. The first thing we did was go to Chinatown. To be fair, it was very good and I got the best dumplings. Then we walked all over the place. There are so many vending machines. We got back to the ship and got on a bus. We went to this massive tower and rode the fastest elevator. Then we went to the Cup Noodles museum. We got to make our own Cup of Noodles. It was really fun. Then we got back on the bus and drove to a cool Japanese hotel. We went to dinner in our robes and had some awesome food.

Then the next day we went to Mt. Fuji. It was amazing. Dad had boiled eggs that were boiled in the springs (they were black). We got to see Mt. Fuji in full view. Then we went to an art museum. It was so cool. There were hot springs. We got to put our feet in the hot springs. Then we went to the Picasso part (he is a bit over rated). Then we went to two kids play structures. The second one was really cool. They also had this really fun maze. Then we drove back to the ship. Now we are traveling to Kobe, Japan. Also no, it is not owned by Kobe (I made that mistake).

The Kids

We are on a boat. It isn’t half bad. We go to school every day except on study days, which are boring.

There are lots of nice kids from the U.S.A. I know they are from the States because of the Canadian jokes. After school we have actives which is kind of fun (we are making sushi today). We can’t go anywhere without a parent though because they can’t have kids running around breaking engines.

We went to Hawaii. It was really fun. I got to go zip lining with my dad. He almost stepped in cow poop. In case you haven’t lived on a boat before it is always moving. That means hitting waves moves the whole boat. We are crossing the Pacific Ocean; you know the one with all the storms and tsunamis.

Well good bye. Oh wait today is Taco Thursday (its been the same food for more than a week).

The Boat

The boat is much bigger than it looks; but that doesn’t stop it from rocking (no not a college joke).

The bathroom is much bigger than I thought. Showering is tricky as the ship rocks from left to right and there is nothing to grab on to.

The food is really good (unless you get rotten baloney.)

School is really easy unless you can’t play kindergarten games.

Also, they have PBS shows on the room TVs. They have an awesome library. I am currently reading Why Nations go to War. I highly recommend it. Let the Canadian jokes begin.

Editor June’s note: We are supposed to be calling what we are on a “ship” – the “boats” are the lifeboats hanging on our ship. Jack is resisting marine terminology 🙂

The Longest Blog Ever

Joe and I have not written in a long time, so this is going to be long (you have been warned).

First, we went to Tucson. It was really fun. We went to my Mom’s friend Linda’s house and stayed there for three nights. While we were there we went to The Desert Museum (it’s really a zoo). Then to a place called Old Tucson, but Old Tucson was not open (even though the website said it was)!

The next day we went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens and The Children’s Museum, then to my old school. Linda is really nice. She let Joe and I play Assassins Creed 4 (giving Aunt Mary and Lisa a run for their money).

After we left we drove and drove and drove. Then guess what we did? We drove some more. After the third day of driving, we made it to my Aunt Mary’s house (alive). Joe, being in love with dogs, was in heaven. Sophie (who any sane person would run away from) decided that Joe was hers. Then we went to our home to work on our visas for India (who doesn’t love FedExing Passports). Now we are in a little town called Niagara-on-the-lake (formally known as Newark). The best part is, it isn’t Sedona.

Total War

So travelling…that’s not really working out for me. So I have reverted back to my natural habitat: video games.

I got this game called Empire: Total War. It takes place around the American and French revolutions. You take control of a country and build armies to destroy neighboring countries and take over the world. It is super fun. You have to make a good economy and build a defensive army in case of attack from evil people. It is really fun if you like strategy games. If you do, you have probably heard of it. Any way I really enjoy it and I am always right. Sedona just got a little better.