Good Morning Viet Nam

So we are in Viet Nam. It has been really fun. Here is what we did. The first day we went on a city orientation trip of Ho-Chi-Minh City. First we went to the National Museum of Viet Nam. It was the best. I say this because it’s all about people trying to conquer. Now don’t take that the wrong way. I like this because they had little models of clay men fighting. They also had elephants with cannons on their backs! Then we went back to the boat.

The next day we went with a field program to Hanoi and Ha long Bay. Oh, and it is almost Tet which happens to be their biggest holiday, so we got up at 3:30 am to go to the airport. Then when we got to Hanoi we went straight to the Temple of Literature. Next we went to the Hanoi Hilton prison. Then we drove to Ha long Bay, checked into a nasty hotel (bad tour operator; bad), and the next morning we took a boat ride.

The boat ride had the best food of the trip and the prettiest sights (you will see in the pictures). Then we went back to Hanoi. We went to dinner and an eye appealing water puppet show (my mom told me to be more descriptive). Then we stayed at a really nice hotel (I mean the polar opposite from the last one). Then we went to the old town and got pho and French bread sandwiches. Then we went to a nasty flower market and an old village. Then to the airport to wait and wait. Oh and guess what’s next? — More waiting. Then we boarded after a gate change and a 25 minute delay. A VIP plane had to take off before us. Ok, so we made it back to Ho-Chi-Minh City. Now Joe and I are sitting in a dark room writing our blogs. Please help! We are locked in and getting bitten by rabbits and ligers (lion/tiger)…………. Oh God! They got Joe; he’s gone; it’s all over; tell my story………………

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