Jack’s Japan Part 2

Our first day in Kobe we left for Kyoto. It could have gone better. Don’t get me wrong everything was amazing. The problem was that we were cold the whole time. The first day wasn’t too bad, but we were still cold. We went to this really cool movie studio. They film a lot of samurai movies and power ranger type shows. It was really fun. They had a museum for power rangers. They had this ninja show that was loosely based on Star Wars. Then we went to a bamboo forest.

The next day was worse (weather wise). I woke up with a headache and it was colder and raining. We went to two temples. One was still in repair from the earthquake. The other was really beautiful. It had multiple temples, but the main hall (which is what we went there for) was in repair. Then I got headache medicine and felt a lot better. Then Dad went to a really cool sushi place for lunch. Joe, Mom and I went to McDonalds (woohooooo). Then we went back to the ship and went to bed. On our last day in Japan, Mom was leading a field lab, so Dad took use exploring. We went to Himeji Castle. It was really cool; we took an English tour. The guide was awesome. He liked to compare the defence methods of European Castles to Japanese Castles. Then we came back and ate some Kobe Beef. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next stop China.

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