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Sedona So Far

Our first week here has been amazing. On the first day we went on a beautiful hike just two minutes away from our house. Also, a cool thing about here is you see a lizard every day; it might just be on your back porch, on a trail, or maybe even in your shoe when you go to put it on.

Look at this trespasser!

We have seen lots of wildlife, anything from humming birds to baby tarantulas. One baby tarantula we thought was dead because it did not move for two hours until we tried to pick it up. On Friday, my dad, Joe and I went to check out the public library. It was massive and had an extensive collection. I got a book on the history of the machine gun, a funny book on the history of World War One and a real cruddy movie called American Bandits Frank and Jessie James.

It is unreal how beautiful it is here. It has the most green in any desert I have ever seen. Most of the clouds here look unreal like they have been painted onto the sky. The mountains are almost all red. We can see the full beauty right off our back porch.

View from back porch

Road Trip!

The last week has been a massive road trip from Bracebridge, Ontario to Sedona, Arizona.

Chillin’ in the paddleboat in Bracebridge

First we went to my grandparents’ house in Kingsville, a small town outside of Windsor. Then we went to my aunt Mary’s and uncle Kevin’s house and got to meet their crazy dog named Sophie who jumped on everyone at least five times. Next we went to my uncle John’s who is living the American dream. He is big into hunting and has nine guns; when we showed up he had a revolver on his chest and a knife strapped to his pants. That same day we stopped at a hotel in Rolla.

Hiking the Petrified Forest National Park

The next two days we drove to Amarillo and then to Albuquerque, which we stayed at for two nights and then drove to our home in Sedona for the next three months.

My first day of school at home in Sedona.