Jack’s China

Our first day in The People’s Republic of China we docked in Shanghai and explored the city. We went to a cool garden and got some dumplings. Then we went to a really big garden and got DQ (I’m starting to like gardens).

The next day we hopped on a bus to the airport for a field program in Beijing. It was really cool; they had Just for Laughs Gags playing on the plane. When we landed we met our tour guide. We went to a tea ceremony. We sampled really good tea, but it was very expensive, so we didn’t buy any. Then we took a rickshaw ride to an old house for a dumpling-making class and dinner.

Then we went to the hotel. It was so cool because they had CNN, HBO and Discovery in English. Can you tell that I haven’t seen English TV in a while? The next day we went to Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City. Next we went to the Llama temple (I am the Dalai Llama). Also our tour guide gave us headsets so we could hear her all the time. It was really cool. Lastly we went to a really awesome acrobatic show.

The next day we went to the Great Wall. It was the most exciting thing we have done so far. Then the tour went to a really fancy place for dinner. There were only expensive sports cars outside. It was the best food we had in China. Next we went to the Temple of Heaven. Everyone who ever conquered China took pictures in front of it (I find that hilarious). Then we flew to Hong Kong on the shadiest plane in the world; my armrest almost broke off when I applied no force to it. And the wing nearest me seemed to be wobbling up and down…

The last day we wandered around the Hong Kong and went to an awesome aviary. A bird almost jumped on Dad. Now we are sailing to Vietnam.

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