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The Grand Canyon 2.0

Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin on the way to Chicken Point
The view from Chapel of the Holy Cross
Had to add this just for the sheer beauty of it.

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin came to visit. It was really fun. Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin are hilarious. On the third day they were visiting we went to the Grand Canyon (for the people who haven’t pieced it together).

We snuck up on this guy at Grand Canyon National Park
The Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon

P1010807 P1010787

Aunt Mary finds love in the hobby of gift shopping. She got this cool calendar with super sexy rocks. All the women reading were chanting in their heads “FIREFIGHTERS”! All the guys were chanting “Beyoncé” (or worse Kim Kardashian). Well anyway it was nice to have a connection to the outside world. While I’m on the subject I was thinking (it was extremely hard) about how Kim has her own show. The world is at its peak in TV with Fat Guys in the Woods and The Real House Wives. Not to mention the infamous Keeping up with the Kardashians.

“And now Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for fun stories with Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin.” One of the best things about them coming is we saw Javelinas. That’s right I finally got in with Javier the Javelina. It was really fun with them I got the closest I have got to deer and Javelina. I mean I was standing 15 feet away them. I think I have had the best time here with Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin than anyone (including you Lisa). It was super fun and amazing.

I call him Javier!
Cute babies!

Rebels and Redcoats

Yesterday we went to a re-enactment called Rebels and Redcoats. If you haven’t figured out what the re-enactment was about, it took place in the Revolutionary War. It was pretty fun.


We met a few goats too.


The British won the battle with no casualties. The rebels did have casualties though, with two dead and one wounded and about eight captured. The British, with more troops and a trained commander, outflanked the American light infantry. Then they captured the American second in command after he tried to kill a Major.

P1010726 P1010719 P1010710

It was super fun. Still not fun in Sedona.

Africa (not really)

Yesterday my family and I went to a zoo called Out of Africa in Camp Verde. It is a privately funded zoo, with a tour bus that takes you inside a massive pen with lots of different animals (no meat eatersL).There was a sweet giraffe who ate the celery out of my mouth. It was really cool.

Mom missed the shot, but he took this right out of my mouth!

The ostrich named Chili Pepper tried to raid the cookie bucket.

Greedy Chili Pepper

Then we went to the lemur cage that also had a big rabbit in it. The lemurs were scared of the big 16 pound bunny, so they decided to gang beat him. It was so mean yet so cool. The lemurs went berserk; they jumped on the fence and ran through their ewok homes in the trees. It was super fun. After that we went back to the casino (my Dad couldn’t stand the smell). Your trusty just a Sedona-hater (Camp Verde is okay) Jack.

Sodium, Sodium, Sodium, Sodium, Sodium, Sodium, Sodium, Sodium, Sodium, Sodium, Sodium, Sodium, Batman. If you get this, you deserves my Mom’s PhD.

Pumpkin Splash

On Saturday, Joe, Mom and I went to the local pool to get pumpkins in a weird way; we swam for them. It was really fun.

pumpkin splash crowd 2
There were 300 pumpkins in the pool!

We got candy apples (I am eating the leftovers as I write this). You have to take a swim test to go in the deep end (that’s where all the big pumpkins are). The first thing the life guard said to me is “nice stroke, you should join the swim team”. I felt pretty good about myself (I always do).

Also, I am really good at bobbing for apples. They give you candy every time you get an apple so I decided to rip them off. It was really fun. I do not recommend coming here to Sedona though, because there is nothing else to do. Your trusty blogger/ Sedona hater Jack.

The Grand Canyon

On Monday and Tuesday my family and I went to the Grand Canyon. It was fun.


We hiked about one fourth of the South Kaibob Trail to Cedar Point.



We stayed at Yavapai Lodge and went to El Tovar for dinner and the bus boy was the best bus boy in the world (he called me sir). Then in the morning, we hiked along the Rim Trail.


Then on the way home, Joe slapped me. He slapped me because I sleep best in the car and Mom could not get me awake to see a crazy road. Then we got home and watched Gotham and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Then I slept more.

The Mafia and Re-enactors

This week I watched the Godfather parts 1 and 2. I also went to Fort Verde and a casino.

The Godfather parts 1 and 2 are amazing movies with lots of plot twist (poor Fredo).

Yesterday, I went to the Fort Verde Days. It was super fun. We met really nice re-enactors that told us about two re-enactments; I will be going to at least one.

Two Unions guns that Confederates wouldn’t want to be close to!

Then, at the parade, they gave us two free milkshake coupons to Johnny Rockets. The Johnny Rockets at Camp Verde is at a really cool casino. They have a fun arcade with sweet games and a kids’ club with three Xbox Ones and many other game systems (with two IPad stations). It was a super fun weekend.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the Grand Canyon for two days.             



We had a visitor the past three days; her name is Lisa. She has been friends with my mom since high school. She is super friendly and nice (she bribed me to write about her with ice cream). The family and I went on a cool hike Lisa showed us called Cathedral trail.


The trail had beautiful views. Then after she bought Joe and me milkshakes and ice cream. We went out to dinner at a place called the Javelina Cantina. It is a Mexican restaurant with good cheese burgers. (I was in withdrawal). It was really fun (mostly because we were off school).


Gangster Squad

On the weekend I watched a movie called Gangster Squad. It was an amazing movie. It had great actors like Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin, and Sean Penn, and phenomenal supporting characters. It was a great movie with a exciting ending. Also, viewers should never expect everyone to live. The movie is more interesting in the beginning because the producers say it is based off a true story. Overall, the great actors and good story make it (in my opinion) the best gangster movie out there. On a complete other topic, I like cheeseburgers. Do you?

Do you really?

The Library

The weeks we have been here have been pretty much unplanned. The only thing we have kept coming back to is the library. It is gargantuan; it is part of a 75 library system with a huge section just for tweens. It has a massive amount of new movies. Some of the ones they have are on pay-per-view. I am really getting into a series called Hazardous Tales. It is an array of books in graphic novel form about history. It has funny narrators describing disgusting things like the Donner party, World War One, the Revolutionary War, and the naval raids and battles of the Union forces in the Civil War. I am getting into comic books in large volume forms like the Walking Dead series. The library here has an extensive collection of books, from non-fiction history books of cowboys to fictional romance novels, like The Fault in our Stars (which I have on hold). The library is much bigger than the one back home. It is starting to feel like home there.


Yesterday we went to my favorite trail so far. It is called Devils Bridge. It is one of the toughest hikes my family and I have done. I found it enjoyable because I love climbing.

Dad and I on top of Devil’s Bridge

Also, on a lesser note, I claimed a Golem hole for Jacktopia. It was so fun on the bridge. The “bridge” is where the two connecters of the mount meet. You can go under and to your right (if you are under the bridge) you can sit in a nice shady spot (that is where I found the Golem hole). The view is just breathtaking up there.

Being Golem… my precious

It was really astonishing, the one bad part was I kept thinking zip line almost as much as I was thinking spaceship during The Lego Movie. Over all, the hiking here is really gratifying.