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joe and mothra
Joe the superhero

Really quick posting from a finicky wifi in Kyoto! Had a great two days, although the weather was cold and raining. Really, really cold! But we still took in a lot. We took the kids to Movieland, a working film studio, the Bamboo forest, stayed in an awesome traditional Japanese inn, and had a fantastic meal in a hole in the wall (and good sake). Today was supposed to be lots of temples, but we had to limit ourselves to just a few because of the weather. I lead an academic field lab tomorrow, where my students and I visit a Kobe beef farm and a sake brewery.

ninja joe
Joe the Ninja
joe's exploding butt
Joe making power rangers explode with his butt!
jack soldier
Jack, living the dream!
bamboo forest 1
Bamboo Forest
joe and heroes
Joe the Power Ranger!

Joe’s Japan, Part 1

Our first day in Japan; it WAS AWESOME!

First we went to Chinatown. Yep, we went to Chinatown in Japan. After that we went on a tour to the world’s fastest and 2nd tallest elevator, then we went to Cup Noodle Museum. We made our own cup noodle. I made mine with chicken and pork.

joe in cup noodle
Some of the many forms of Cup Noodles/Ramen

After that we went to a play park in the museum. It had a climbing area to a ball pit, a cool slide that gets you into an oil pot, then a cooling off part, next you go into a cup and finally a fast slide. And if you think about it, that’s how a cup noodle is made.


We sailed under this bridge at the entrance to Port of Yokohama

Two days ago we docked in Yokohama, Japan. The first thing we did was go to Chinatown. To be fair, it was very good and I got the best dumplings. Then we walked all over the place. There are so many vending machines. We got back to the ship and got on a bus. We went to this massive tower and rode the fastest elevator. Then we went to the Cup Noodles museum. We got to make our own Cup of Noodles. It was really fun. Then we got back on the bus and drove to a cool Japanese hotel. We went to dinner in our robes and had some awesome food.

Then the next day we went to Mt. Fuji. It was amazing. Dad had boiled eggs that were boiled in the springs (they were black). We got to see Mt. Fuji in full view. Then we went to an art museum. It was so cool. There were hot springs. We got to put our feet in the hot springs. Then we went to the Picasso part (he is a bit over rated). Then we went to two kids play structures. The second one was really cool. They also had this really fun maze. Then we drove back to the ship. Now we are traveling to Kobe, Japan. Also no, it is not owned by Kobe (I made that mistake).

Mt. Fuji

Quick post from the port terminal in Yokohama, where we have lightning fast internet. Awesome day today in Hakone. We started the day at Mt. Fuji, where it is often hard to see the mountain because of haze and fog. But we got an awesome view – as you can see!

Mt fuji

Dan bought some black eggs, which are hard boiled eggs cooked in the sulphurus-iron hot springs. They look weird (shells are completely black) but taste about the same. Cable car ride down the mountain, followed by a pirate ship ride across Lake Ashi. Then to the Hakone Open Air Museum, which is basically a giant sculpture garden, with cool climbing structures for kids, and an entire Picasso museum. And, more hot springs to some hot feet in. All in all, great day. Back on the ship tonight for a one day trip to Kobe and Kyoto!

joe and jack pirate ship

Random cool pictures

Just some random pictures that I want to share now that I have wifi. Check out the captions for brief descriptions, and my last post (that I posted a few minutes again) for a more verbal description of our first day in Japan!

MV Explorer in Mexico
Our ship, the MV Explorer, parked in Mexico
crazy toilet
Check out the crazy Japanese toilets. The seats are heated, you can play water fall music, and they have both bidet and spray settings!
panda store
An entrance to a small grocery store in Chinatown, Yokohama. Joe is already panda crazy, so he loved this neighbourhood.
waterfall in hilo
Pretty waterfall in Hilo, Hawaii

Yokohama and Hakone, Japan

We are back on land! We arrived this morning in Yokohama, one of Japan’s major port cities. The last couple of days at sea were rough, as we out-manoeuvred a storm. Although we went around it, we still had 17-20 foot waves. The captain told us that if we had hit the storm, the sea swells would have been 50 feet! Honestly, I was a little green. Everyone else was fine.

Joe Panda Yokohama
Joe and his new Panda hat – Yokohama China town

We had a really fantastic day today. We left the ship about 8:00 am and we spent the morning walking around Yokohama, mainly in Chinatown (odd, I know, as we are in Japan) but it was a really fantastic neighbourhood, and the dumplings were great.

In the afternoon we started one of Semester at Sea’s Field Programs, which took us to the Cup Noodle Museum (an enormous, 5 story building dedicated to the inventor of Cup Noodle/Ramen noodles, and to the noodles themselves). We actually got to design our own Cup Noodles (choose the soup, the ingredients, etc.) and bring them home with us. Several floors were dedicated to creativity and human invention. it’s hard to describe, really, and I think quite Japanese. We saw other aspects of Yokohama and then concluded the day with about a 90 minute ride into the mountains, to Hakone, at the base of Mt. Fuji.

We are spending the night here in a traditional Japanese ryokan, or hot springs hotel. Well, not exactly traditional, as we were given “Western” chairs in our private dining room (in other rooms the Japanese sat on the floor). Also, we are not on traditional futons on the floor, but actual beds. But we did take off our shoes inside the lobby door – they will remain in a locked locker until we leave.

How to describe this place? Well, it’s gorgeous, but very different. We were given kimono robes at check-in, although Joe was small enough for more like a pyjama get-up. Everyone actually wears these, and the matching socks, to eat dinner!

June Jack Joe Hakone
Ready for Dinner!

Dinner was a buffet of Japanese and Western food. Fantastic. And then there are the hot springs, or Japanese baths. Completely gender segregated, ’cause everyone is buck naked. Gorgeous shower area, where you shower sitting down in a room of other naked people showering sitting down. Then, when clean, you proceed to one of many hot springs pools. Some were inside, and some outside. it’s quite cool at night in the mountains (probably about zero) so I preferred the outside ones, looking up at the stars and the mountains, with a little rain falling on me. Once you get over the nakedness, it was heavenly. Needless to say, the entire concept seriously disturbed Jack and Joe, and they wanted no part of it. Their loss!

First time I’ve been around wifi for awhile, so I will try to post as many photos as I can on some shorter, more visual blogs. Tomorrow, cable car up into the mountains, and a ride in a replica pirate ship across a lake at the base of Mt. Fuji. If it’s clear enough weather, should make for some great pictures. Then back. to the ship for a quick sail down to Kobe, where we leave from for some independent travel to Kyoto. So far, completely blown away by Japan – it is so lovely