The first day we ate breakfast then went off the ship. We decided to go to the bird park, and we stayed there for a long time. The first thing we did was go to the feeding of the penguins. Then we went to this really amazing bird show. Joe and I both volunteered for acts. Joe got two birds to land on him. I got to hold a hoop. Then we went to a bunch of aviaries. Then I rushed back to a pelican show only to get stuck behind a pushy photographer. It was still really neat.

After that we got lunch. Next we walked everywhere with no water. Then we bought ice cream for six dollars a scoop. Then we came back to the boat for a quick dinner and left again for a night safari. It was really fun. I mean – 20 feet away from lions! We also walked a lot there. So the next day Joe was really tired. He and dad stayed around the ship, but mom and I went to the beach.

The beach is located on a different island (Sentosa) owned by a big company that rents it out to bigger companies such as Universal Studios. The admission to the island is usually one dollar, but it was Chinese New Year so it was free. We walked to the island because the tram was a 60 minute wait with smelly people; so that’s a big fat no. The beach was a regular beach with no garbage. It was a very nice walk. Then we took the tram back because there was no wait, and the guard said, “you don’t have to pay, but at the end, maybe”. So we got back and spent 30 dollars at Burger King for two combo meals. Then we got back on the ship and are sailing through pirate land to Burma. Arrrrr.

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