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Goodbye Sedona, hello adventure!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American family and friends! The weather is cooling off here too, but still glorious. This week I thought I’d share some of the pictures I’ve taken recently on the deck here. Jack says  Dan and I are “getting old” because we enjoy watching the birds.

P1010872 P1010875 P1010886 P1010894

After Thanksgiving in Sedona, we will be heading to Tucson to visit with the wonderful Linda Price and our Tucson friends. It will be a trip down memory lane for Jack, who attended kindergarten in Tucson. (Joe still swears he’s never been there – he was two – but for some reason he does remember Linda’s house. It’s that memorable!)

Next week, it’s the long trip back to a winter visit in Ontario.

As our time in Sedona winds down, we are getting very excited about planning the major travel adventure to come! January 1 we leave Canada for 6 months, the first four of which will be spent on the Semester at Sea program. While we are in the various countries, we have quite a lot of travel time as a family. In most countries we are participating in Semester at Sea field programs, and they sound fantastic. Although all trips sound great (tobogganing down the Great Wall of China!), I am especially looking forward to some unusual trips we are doing in Burma, Namibia, and Morocco.

Rather than the crazy hectic pace of a trip from south India (where the ship docks) up to northern India to see the Taj Mahal and Agra, we have decided to stay in the Kerala area of India. With the kind guidance of my Indian friends (thanks Niraj, Kersi, Srini and Ratti!), we arranged some fantastic independent travel in the south of India.

After the voyage is over, we are spending two months in Europe. After a few days in England, we will fly down to Athens, and ferry over to the islands of Naxos and Santorini before flying to Rome. After a few days in Rome we will start a gradual train trip through Europe. If any of you have favorite spots, especially less-well known ones, send them my way!

Grand Canyon #2

We went back to the Grand Canyon with Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin this time.

Auntie Mary and Uncle Kevin

On this trip we went to Hopi Point and saw THE COLORADO RIVER. We could see the rapids from about three miles away!

The river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

If you are wondering who Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin are, they are very nice people and have a very nice family including Sophie their dog. She is very cute as you see here.

Cute Sophie!

She likes climbing on you if you lie down and will start licking you so much you can barely breathe. It’s AWESOME 🙂 !

Sophie laying on me last summer

The Grand Canyon 2.0

Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin on the way to Chicken Point
The view from Chapel of the Holy Cross
Had to add this just for the sheer beauty of it.

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin came to visit. It was really fun. Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin are hilarious. On the third day they were visiting we went to the Grand Canyon (for the people who haven’t pieced it together).

We snuck up on this guy at Grand Canyon National Park
The Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon

P1010807 P1010787

Aunt Mary finds love in the hobby of gift shopping. She got this cool calendar with super sexy rocks. All the women reading were chanting in their heads “FIREFIGHTERS”! All the guys were chanting “Beyoncé” (or worse Kim Kardashian). Well anyway it was nice to have a connection to the outside world. While I’m on the subject I was thinking (it was extremely hard) about how Kim has her own show. The world is at its peak in TV with Fat Guys in the Woods and The Real House Wives. Not to mention the infamous Keeping up with the Kardashians.

“And now Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for fun stories with Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin.” One of the best things about them coming is we saw Javelinas. That’s right I finally got in with Javier the Javelina. It was really fun with them I got the closest I have got to deer and Javelina. I mean I was standing 15 feet away them. I think I have had the best time here with Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin than anyone (including you Lisa). It was super fun and amazing.

I call him Javier!
Cute babies!

Visit and Javelina Invasion

It has been a busy couple of weeks, so I haven’t posted in a little while. After the ACR conference it was straight into work on the special issue of the Journal of Business Research that I am editing. In addition, we had the job of getting our Chinese visas for the trip. Sending our passports via courier was stressful for me, as I tend to worry about all the details. But they came back to us just fine; only India left!

In terms of our planning, last week was also when registration opened for the Semester at Sea Field Programs (the off-boat excursions in the various countries). Choosing the trips was so exciting, and made it feel very vivid. Some of the awesome activities we are signed up for including tobogganing on the Great Wall of China, ziplining in Hawaii, safaris and elephant rides in South Africa, a night safari in Singapore, and fantastic cultural tours in Burma, Viet Nam, and Morocco. We are coming back to London for the middle part of December, for lots of little things we need to take care of. The kids are really excited to be able to visit with their friends before we take off again for the Semester at Sea voyage.

This past weekend was really fun. Mary and Kevin Becker came to visit us, and we had a wonderful weekend exploring Sedona and taking them to the Grand Canyon for the day. Throw in Dan’s excellent meals and his prickly pear margaritas, and a fun time is guaranteed!

Sedona hiking with Mary and Kevin
Grand Canyon with Mary and Kevin

On their final morning here, the javelins came to visit. Or rather, they came in mass to eat the owner’s plants in the yard. Moms, babies, and large males were all over the yard, the road, and even our driveway.

How cute are we?

We had heard that they might be more visible as it got cooler, but Joe thinks they showed up to say hi to Mary and Kevin.

Excuse me, but my herd and I have come to eat your plants…


Yesterday, Mom, Jack, and I saw Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. It was AWESOME! It had strippers, a Peter Pan that is drunk, an alligator, a kangaroo, and a…green baby?


We also went to Pumpkin Splash. It had a bouncy castle, bat cave, what is in the box, throwing bats, golf, bobbing for apples, and pumpkin splash. Where you go in to the pool and get a pumpkin! Let me tell you a secret, no place in the world has more people in one pool ever!

pumpkin splash joe 2
This is the one I chose!

Pumpkin Splash

On Saturday, Joe, Mom and I went to the local pool to get pumpkins in a weird way; we swam for them. It was really fun.

pumpkin splash crowd 2
There were 300 pumpkins in the pool!

We got candy apples (I am eating the leftovers as I write this). You have to take a swim test to go in the deep end (that’s where all the big pumpkins are). The first thing the life guard said to me is “nice stroke, you should join the swim team”. I felt pretty good about myself (I always do).

Also, I am really good at bobbing for apples. They give you candy every time you get an apple so I decided to rip them off. It was really fun. I do not recommend coming here to Sedona though, because there is nothing else to do. Your trusty blogger/ Sedona hater Jack.

Visit to Fort Verde and House Tour

This week went by in sort of a blur! Lisa left a week ago, and it seems like just yesterday. Lots of work hours in this week, mainly on the ACR conference. But I did get some tennis in, and enjoyed several hours in the sunshine on the deck.

Yesterday was a fun day, as you may have gathered from the kids’ posts. We went to a nearby town for their “Fort Verde Days,” sort of a local celebration of their pioneer history. The fort itself was built around the Civil War times, and the kids got a chance to chat with Union and Confederate history buffs, Buffalo Soldier actors, and see working guns and cannons from that era. We started the day with a Kinsmen Pancake Breakfast. The local parade was a hoot, with a real small town field, including the crowning of “The Colonel’s Daughter” who is chosen for her horsewomanship (if that is a word).

You can see from the kids’ posts that we then went to a casino. Ugh. However, when the heat is on, and everyone is hot and tired, I thought it would be a good idea to try an arcade/bowling alley. Turns out, the kids’ club they have (for parents who want to gamble) was a huge hit with my kids. As I don’t gamble, I got to sit in a nice spot and read a book! Good time for everyone…

I’ve had a few people ask to see this cool house we are in. So this week instead of photos I am uploading a video to Youtube. It’s a 5 minute walk-through of the place. Those of you who are interested in design may like it – they call the house “Frank Lloyd Wright” inspired. I can see that, with lots of glass, wood, and tons of stone walls on the interior of the house. Enjoy it here;

To all my Canadian friends and family: I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Mafia and Re-enactors

This week I watched the Godfather parts 1 and 2. I also went to Fort Verde and a casino.

The Godfather parts 1 and 2 are amazing movies with lots of plot twist (poor Fredo).

Yesterday, I went to the Fort Verde Days. It was super fun. We met really nice re-enactors that told us about two re-enactments; I will be going to at least one.

Two Unions guns that Confederates wouldn’t want to be close to!

Then, at the parade, they gave us two free milkshake coupons to Johnny Rockets. The Johnny Rockets at Camp Verde is at a really cool casino. They have a fun arcade with sweet games and a kids’ club with three Xbox Ones and many other game systems (with two IPad stations). It was a super fun weekend.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the Grand Canyon for two days.             


At a casino we went to a children’s area called Kids Quest.


There is an arcade room, but it had bad games, broken games, and glitchy games. They also have a restaurant.


Three days ago a friend came to see us. Her name is Lisa and she is very nice. Yesterday we went to the Church of the Holy Cross and we saw a bird. It was a quail.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Today we went to Cathedral Rock it is AWESOME.

Tiny steep ledge!

🙂 But today Lisa had to go. 🙂