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Visit to Fort Verde and House Tour

This week went by in sort of a blur! Lisa left a week ago, and it seems like just yesterday. Lots of work hours in this week, mainly on the ACR conference. But I did get some tennis in, and enjoyed several hours in the sunshine on the deck.

Yesterday was a fun day, as you may have gathered from the kids’ posts. We went to a nearby town for their “Fort Verde Days,” sort of a local celebration of their pioneer history. The fort itself was built around the Civil War times, and the kids got a chance to chat with Union and Confederate history buffs, Buffalo Soldier actors, and see working guns and cannons from that era. We started the day with a Kinsmen Pancake Breakfast. The local parade was a hoot, with a real small town field, including the crowning of “The Colonel’s Daughter” who is chosen for her horsewomanship (if that is a word).

You can see from the kids’ posts that we then went to a casino. Ugh. However, when the heat is on, and everyone is hot and tired, I thought it would be a good idea to try an arcade/bowling alley. Turns out, the kids’ club they have (for parents who want to gamble) was a huge hit with my kids. As I don’t gamble, I got to sit in a nice spot and read a book! Good time for everyone…

I’ve had a few people ask to see this cool house we are in. So this week instead of photos I am uploading a video to Youtube. It’s a 5 minute walk-through of the place. Those of you who are interested in design may like it – they call the house “Frank Lloyd Wright” inspired. I can see that, with lots of glass, wood, and tons of stone walls on the interior of the house. Enjoy it here;

To all my Canadian friends and family: I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!