The Grand Canyon 2.0

Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin on the way to Chicken Point
The view from Chapel of the Holy Cross
Had to add this just for the sheer beauty of it.

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin came to visit. It was really fun. Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin are hilarious. On the third day they were visiting we went to the Grand Canyon (for the people who haven’t pieced it together).

We snuck up on this guy at Grand Canyon National Park
The Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon

P1010807 P1010787

Aunt Mary finds love in the hobby of gift shopping. She got this cool calendar with super sexy rocks. All the women reading were chanting in their heads “FIREFIGHTERS”! All the guys were chanting “Beyoncé” (or worse Kim Kardashian). Well anyway it was nice to have a connection to the outside world. While I’m on the subject I was thinking (it was extremely hard) about how Kim has her own show. The world is at its peak in TV with Fat Guys in the Woods and The Real House Wives. Not to mention the infamous Keeping up with the Kardashians.

“And now Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for fun stories with Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin.” One of the best things about them coming is we saw Javelinas. That’s right I finally got in with Javier the Javelina. It was really fun with them I got the closest I have got to deer and Javelina. I mean I was standing 15 feet away them. I think I have had the best time here with Aunt Mary and Uncle Kevin than anyone (including you Lisa). It was super fun and amazing.

I call him Javier!
Cute babies!

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