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We had a visitor the past three days; her name is Lisa. She has been friends with my mom since high school. She is super friendly and nice (she bribed me to write about her with ice cream). The family and I went on a cool hike Lisa showed us called Cathedral trail.


The trail had beautiful views. Then after she bought Joe and me milkshakes and ice cream. We went out to dinner at a place called the Javelina Cantina. It is a Mexican restaurant with good cheese burgers. (I was in withdrawal). It was really fun (mostly because we were off school).


Lisa comes to visit!

The last couple of weeks have been an absolute blur of work, as grant applications came due, the ACR Conference work seriously ramped up in the final days of preparing the program book, and I tried to make progress on various research manuscripts. After a lot of long days, I took a lovely break for the last few days as my high school buddy Lisa Wells came to visit us in Sedona.

Lisa at the base of Devil’s Bridge

We had a great time! While we did a couple of challenging hikes, we also had one or two margaritas along the way, and several wonderful dinners, both at home (thanks Dan) and in fantastic local restaurants (thanks Lisa).

A well-deserved break!
Dan and Lisa on the way to Chicken Point

Lisa and I travelled Europe together more than 25 years ago, and also had a funny low budget trip to Margarita Island, Venezuela together before we both met our wonderful husbands. Although we don’t see each other nearly enough, we immediately fall into the same comfortable friendship we’ve always had.

At the top of Cathedral Rock

Here’s to the best of friends!

Dan’s delicious steaks and some wine on the deck.


Today we went hiking on Broken Arrow Trail to Chicken Point. On the hike we saw lizards, barrel cactus, big rocks, pink jeeps, and a yellow rock.


The other day we hiked to Devils Bridge. This is my favorite hike so far. How breath taking is this?

Devil’s Bridge with Mom and Dad


Yesterday we went to my favorite trail so far. It is called Devils Bridge. It is one of the toughest hikes my family and I have done. I found it enjoyable because I love climbing.

Dad and I on top of Devil’s Bridge

Also, on a lesser note, I claimed a Golem hole for Jacktopia. It was so fun on the bridge. The “bridge” is where the two connecters of the mount meet. You can go under and to your right (if you are under the bridge) you can sit in a nice shady spot (that is where I found the Golem hole). The view is just breathtaking up there.

Being Golem… my precious

It was really astonishing, the one bad part was I kept thinking zip line almost as much as I was thinking spaceship during The Lego Movie. Over all, the hiking here is really gratifying.

An unusual work life

We have settled into an interesting work/life pattern here. For the last two weeks I’ve been back at work, fine-tuning the ACR academic conference program (while marvelling at my co-chair Stacy Wood’s ability to party-plan), planning my field labs for next term’s Semester at Sea courses (Consumer Behavior and International Marketing) as well as working on the special issue of the Journal of Business Research I am co-editing with the ever patient Catherine Prentice. (I mean really, who takes a vacation just as the deadline for the issue comes around? Well, I did, actually). Still on my sabbatical list: revisions of a couple of papers, finalizing working papers for publication, and getting started on a book! Some many interesting projects, so little time… Well, actually, still finding time to hike! This was taken on the Hogwash trail not far from our house; this one had a lot of technically difficult sections, and we were really impressed with Joe and Jack’s emerging skills and endurance.

Hogwash Trail – tired but loving the view

We are working the boys up to longer hikes, and managed a hot 5 mile one yesterday that concluded with a serious climb up to the “Devil’s Bridge.” Joe was trying out new hiking shoes, and he was tired, but he was really happy that he did it!

Dan, Joe and I celebrating reaching Devil’s Bridge

The routine so far is a little unorthodox. I work while Dan home schools the boys. We try and hike every couple of days, early morning before it gets too hot. Then home and school/work. Some days it is all school/work, and a late afternoon swim. The oddest thing is that we are working weekends, so when we do take a day off places we go and visit won’t be as crowded midweek. Sort of a three days on, one day off, sort of model. it’s interesting. Very productive for me, but the combination of Arizona time zone, my later start times in the day, and some weekdays “off” must be driving my Eastern time zone colleagues a little crazy! We also have some really interesting visitors. So far, two tarantulas and one scorpion have appeared. I am also quite certain I had javelinas rooting around outside during the night. But the highlight so far was the visitor we saw munching the bushes in the yard one morning.

A mule deer, we think

Our first visitor

This little guy was out on the deck in our home in Sedona when we opened the blinds today. Sort of freaked the kids out to see a tarantula, but hey, welcome to the desert!

Furry visitor
Furry visitor

It’s gorgeous here in Sedona (house pictures will follow in another blog) but we stopped on the way here yesterday to visit the Petrified Forest and Painted Rocks National Park. The colours were stunning, and when we took a short hike down deeper into the landscape, it felt like we were on the moon.

Stunning colours
Heading down on the trail

Jack and Joe started home schooling with Dan today, and I got back to work after this extended holiday. The view from the office area is distractingly beautiful, but I guess I will just have to learn how to cope. Oh, and it’s 35 degrees C and sunny!

Road Trip!

The last week has been a massive road trip from Bracebridge, Ontario to Sedona, Arizona.

Chillin’ in the paddleboat in Bracebridge

First we went to my grandparents’ house in Kingsville, a small town outside of Windsor. Then we went to my aunt Mary’s and uncle Kevin’s house and got to meet their crazy dog named Sophie who jumped on everyone at least five times. Next we went to my uncle John’s who is living the American dream. He is big into hunting and has nine guns; when we showed up he had a revolver on his chest and a knife strapped to his pants. That same day we stopped at a hotel in Rolla.

Hiking the Petrified Forest National Park

The next two days we drove to Amarillo and then to Albuquerque, which we stayed at for two nights and then drove to our home in Sedona for the next three months.

My first day of school at home in Sedona.