The Mafia and Re-enactors

This week I watched the Godfather parts 1 and 2. I also went to Fort Verde and a casino.

The Godfather parts 1 and 2 are amazing movies with lots of plot twist (poor Fredo).

Yesterday, I went to the Fort Verde Days. It was super fun. We met really nice re-enactors that told us about two re-enactments; I will be going to at least one.

Two Unions guns that Confederates wouldn’t want to be close to!

Then, at the parade, they gave us two free milkshake coupons to Johnny Rockets. The Johnny Rockets at Camp Verde is at a really cool casino. They have a fun arcade with sweet games and a kids’ club with three Xbox Ones and many other game systems (with two IPad stations). It was a super fun weekend.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the Grand Canyon for two days.             

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