The Library

The weeks we have been here have been pretty much unplanned. The only thing we have kept coming back to is the library. It is gargantuan; it is part of a 75 library system with a huge section just for tweens. It has a massive amount of new movies. Some of the ones they have are on pay-per-view. I am really getting into a series called Hazardous Tales. It is an array of books in graphic novel form about history. It has funny narrators describing disgusting things like the Donner party, World War One, the Revolutionary War, and the naval raids and battles of the Union forces in the Civil War. I am getting into comic books in large volume forms like the Walking Dead series. The library here has an extensive collection of books, from non-fiction history books of cowboys to fictional romance novels, like The Fault in our Stars (which I have on hold). The library is much bigger than the one back home. It is starting to feel like home there.

2 thoughts on “The Library”

  1. Hi Jack and family— I am coming next week and will bring ” The Fault in our Stars” for you to read. I have it and really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see you all next week in lovely Sedona!

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