Joe’s Japan Part 2

We went to a castle; it was tall as EVER. It used to have a mote 1km away which is where the train station is now :). We then went to a Kobe beef place [p.s. Kobe is not ruled by Kobe Bryant]. It was so good plus it was cooked right in front of you 🙂   🙂   :), but do not eat the pistachio ice cream: It is off.

The day before that we stayed at a ryokon hotel. We also ate at a restaurant where you pay at a machine, get a ticket, go to the counter, wait and wait, then eat your food and leave. Now, time travel in to the future: 900 people in one line to get back on board. It took us almost an hour; it was insane, but we got on the ship in time so we didn’t get dock time [dock time is when you don’t get on the ship when you are told to, so you lose 2 hours on land at the next portJ].

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