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Joe’s Viet Nam


We were in Viet Nam. First we went to a museum about Viet Nam’s history of war. Next we went to the palace where the French lived when they had power over Viet Nam. Then we went to a church; it was pretty. The next day we went to the Temple of Literature: it was the first school for a long time. Then we went to the Hanoi Hilton prison; it was terrifying. PRISONERS COULD NOT SPEAK. FOR SOME THIS WAS NINE AND A HALF YEARS. NINE AND A HALF! [the evil French] We then went to a very bad hotel; it had hair in the bath, but the worst thing of all is they lied about having HBO.

The next day we went on a boat [it was not the MV Explorer]. We went to a cool island that looked like Berk. On the island we went up 200 steps into a cave, but it had lights and a fountain. We also saw A FOSSIL OF A FISH.

We then went to see a water puppet show with cats, men, turtles and AWESOMENESS. The next day we went to a mausoleum and we saw Ho-Chi-Minh’s body and where he lived. Then we went to a flower market: it was nice but really muddy. Then we went to an old town [not too good]. Then we went back to the ship.

[PS five night’s at Freddy’s 3]