Lisa comes to visit!

The last couple of weeks have been an absolute blur of work, as grant applications came due, the ACR Conference work seriously ramped up in the final days of preparing the program book, and I tried to make progress on various research manuscripts. After a lot of long days, I took a lovely break for the last few days as my high school buddy Lisa Wells came to visit us in Sedona.

Lisa at the base of Devil’s Bridge

We had a great time! While we did a couple of challenging hikes, we also had one or two margaritas along the way, and several wonderful dinners, both at home (thanks Dan) and in fantastic local restaurants (thanks Lisa).

A well-deserved break!
Dan and Lisa on the way to Chicken Point

Lisa and I travelled Europe together more than 25 years ago, and also had a funny low budget trip to Margarita Island, Venezuela together before we both met our wonderful husbands. Although we don’t see each other nearly enough, we immediately fall into the same comfortable friendship we’ve always had.

At the top of Cathedral Rock

Here’s to the best of friends!

Dan’s delicious steaks and some wine on the deck.

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