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joe and mothra
Joe the superhero

Really quick posting from a finicky wifi in Kyoto! Had a great two days, although the weather was cold and raining. Really, really cold! But we still took in a lot. We took the kids to Movieland, a working film studio, the Bamboo forest, stayed in an awesome traditional Japanese inn, and had a fantastic meal in a hole in the wall (and good sake). Today was supposed to be lots of temples, but we had to limit ourselves to just a few because of the weather. I lead an academic field lab tomorrow, where my students and I visit a Kobe beef farm and a sake brewery.

ninja joe
Joe the Ninja
joe's exploding butt
Joe making power rangers explode with his butt!
jack soldier
Jack, living the dream!
bamboo forest 1
Bamboo Forest
joe and heroes
Joe the Power Ranger!