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I am a Professor of Marketing at Ivey Business School, Western University, in London, ON, Canada.

Getting close now

We are less than two weeks away from the first part of the boys’ adventure. Jack and Joe are part of the Original Kids Theatre Company group that will represent Canada in the International Children’s Festival in Lingen Germany. So they leave London first, July 23.

On another front, this weekend we meet the man who is renting our house (with his family) for the year. He’s spending a year in Canada from Australia, so it will be nice to meet another adventurous family!

Lots of details still to take care of, such as five visas for each of us. But, we have had our immunizations, taken care of lots of details. Much more to come, but taking it one thing at a time.

Welcome and First Post

Hi all,

Our family is embarking on a travel adventure this year. We are setting up a website so friends and family can read about our adventures, and see some photos and videos we take along the way. The website business is new to us, but we will learn and get better, I am sure.