A little bit stir crazy…

As I write this we are stopped for 8 hours in the Spanish Canary Islands to refuel. We are looking at a very pretty island, but we are not allowed to disembark. After about 10 days at sea already, with two more to go to Morocco, this is making everyone a tad bit crazy. The kids are bored and restless, which rubs off on the adults. The routine is becoming, well, routine. Alas, we will miss it as soon as it’s over, which is sooner than I would like.

As I mentioned, two days until Morocco. The academics on board are at a fever pitch. The students are all completing projects and preparing for finals, and the faculty are frantically trying to grade all these assignments that seemed like a good idea to assign back last fall… Personally, how I thought I could grade 31 final papers, and 91 final exams in the (very few) days between Morocco and England I will never understand… students are not the only ones losing sleep.

All in all, as this voyage draws to a close and we prepare for our family time in Europe, I am wistful. This was an incredible experience, and honestly, I can’t wait to do it again. Perhaps when one of the kids is a college student on board?

As we haven’t left the ship in awhile, I thought I’d post some crazy pictures from the Sea Olympics. Here are Jack and I in our star turns during the lip synch contest. Jack is grooving to “I like to move it, move it” and I am channeling Iggy Azalea with “Fancy”. It was a blast! The Faculty and Staff team won that contest, so we did something right!

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