Sea Olympics

How to describe this? Sea Olympics is a ship-wide event. The students are in colour houses based on where their cabins are. And the “Sea-Celebrities” team was made up of Ship Kids, Faculty and their spouses, Staff, and Lifelong Learners. As a result, our team age ranged from 3 to about 80 or so. Events included sports such as volleyball (my event) and dodgeball (Dan’s event), but also mental events like Concentration (Jack seen here with his partner) and Jeopardy, artististic events such as the team Banner competition and a short film contest (we won this, but of course we have the ship videographer, and a documentary filmmaker on our team), and also just plain odd events, such as the Frozen t-shirt contest, where teams had to use body heat to melt a frozen shirt. (Jack hugging his teammate in the picture, with the t-shirt between them). For some teams, this took up to an hour, a really painful hour. Although we don’t have pictures, Joe and his partner Summer did well in Battleship, which is not the board game, but two people on each side, one a captain and one a blindfolded “ship” (that was Joe). The captain yells out commands, and the idea is to hit the other team’s blindfolded ship with a ball that you throw. It was hilarious to watch! Joe was also on the winning “Minute to Win It” team.

And the final event, which we actually won, was the team lip synch. We did a mash-up of the evolution of music, and some of us did solos in front of back-up dancers. Jack was a huge hit with his solo, “I like to move it, move it”, as you can see in these pictures.

The Sea-lebrities came in 4th of 8, which is not bad for a bunch of old farts. It helps that we had a very flexible 4 year old competing in the limbo!

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