From ACR to Tiger Splash

This past weekend was the annual Association for Consumer Research Conference, which I co-chaired with the smart, talented, and creative Stacy Wood. About 1200 attendees seemed to really love what we created, which was very gratifying. Thanks for all the follow-up emails and Facebook posts congratulating us! And thanks to Ivey Business School for helping us with sponsorship of the Opening Reception. Here is one of my favourite pictures from our Awards ceremony, where Stacy and I thank ACR’s Executive Director, Rajiv Vaidaynathan, with a quote from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.10635699_10152323840581612_8903293001141522809_n

You’ve likely read about Out of Africa on the kids’ blogs, but it’s really not a zoo, but more of a habitat. They breed animals, especially endangered ones, and give them a ton of space. They also take in rescues, like the baby grizzly you can read about on Joe’s post. What I liked most is that they do a show with the tigers, but they don’t train them. That is, there is no conditioning or training, and they really just play with them. You may like the video of this I made:

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