June’s take on Grand Canyon Trip

We had an awesome trip to the Grand Canyon this week. The first day we hiked as far down into the canyon as we thought Joe could make it back up. As the warning signs on the way down say, “Going down is optional. Going up is mandatory.” It was glorious weather, chilly up top and increasingly warm as we descended. Having to turn back was expected, but Dan and I really did want to get further down. Next time!

See a short video of the trip here:  http://youtu.be/O_jaS7Yduko

That evening we stayed at the Canyon and had a “fancy” dinner at El Tovar on the South Rim. The walk back to the hotel room (about a mile) under nothing but starlight was glorious. The boys were star silly. On the second day we just walked around the Rim Trail a little more before heading back.

On the trip home we took a side trip up into the San Francisco Peaks, up to Snowbowl outside of Flagstaff. It was a perfect time to see the brilliant yellow aspen leaves. Against the green of the pines, it was a gorgeous contrast, as you can see.

View from Snowbowl, Flagstaff
View from Snowbowl, Flagstaff

I had to seriously degrade the quality of the video to be able to upload it with the wifi here, but I hope you still enjoy it.

One thought on “June’s take on Grand Canyon Trip”

  1. It has been said that many of people have had to be rescued from the climb down into the Grand Canyon, mostly because they did not realize all of the hazards involved such as dehydration. I am sure that when Jack is a little older all of you will be able to trek as far as you want,( as long as the old man can keep up), ha ha, just kidding. Have a great time on your adventures!

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