And they are off!

Jack and Joe left for Germany with Original Kids last night. After a day filled with last minute thoughts, packing ideas, and advice for them both, I thought I was prepared. We took them out for a late lunch/dinner, a walk around the river and downtown, then met the group for a bus departure from Covent Garden to Toronto airport. 


Both kids seemed excited and confident. Being with friends helped a lot, but I don’t think they would have been too worried either way! Lots of smiles and laughter, as OKTC staff handed out matching red hats to the cast (easier to keep track of everyone, and a brilliant idea) and small bags of Canadian merchandise to trade or give to new friends from around the world at the festival.


Rogers Television has been following the Dream Journey process from the beginning, and will be creating a series this fall for broadcast. In his final interaction, Joe already seems like a media pro.


It was surprisingly difficult to come home to the house without them. I travel away from them for work a fair bit, so I wasn’t really prepared for how different it would feel to be in our house without them. But it won’t be long before we pick them up in Toronto (Aug. 2), on the way to our next adventure!